I think second semester calculus is a huge leap for student that took calculus AB in high school, or non AP calculus. They are learning new material for the first time, it's twice as fast as the first semester of calculus (which was spread out over an entire year of high school), and it's taught at a college level with … » 3/19/14 9:10pm 3/19/14 9:10pm

Exactly, the movie only played in 300 theatres across the country. Most of the big movies this weekend were on 3,000 screens. "Grand Budapest Hotel" was actually on fewer screens and made more money than Veronica Mars, but it probably has a broader appeal. We tried to see a screening of Grand Budapest on Saturday… » 3/17/14 4:50pm 3/17/14 4:50pm

Oh, if only an app could cure my endometriosis. I'm still going to download it since I've tried everything else already: acupuncture, weight-loss, supplements, testing, surgery, more exercise, less exercise, different exercise, more yoga, less yoga, different yoga, giving up gluten, giving up soy, giving up dairy,… » 3/13/14 3:11pm 3/13/14 3:11pm

This is SO me. My bio-dad left my mom when she was pregnant, but I know that he had a kid before me and I think he has three or four with his current wife. But nobody in his family knows that I exist except the wife. I found him last year and we've talked on the phone once and e-mailed a couple times. I realized that… » 3/12/14 7:50pm 3/12/14 7:50pm

Exactly. My ring was $3K and I paid half that. Our downpayment on a smallish-house in a not-so-great neighborhood was $68K. The ring was still less than the closing costs. But that's the price for living in southern California. You couldn't pay me to move back to rural Ohio with the rest of my family. » 3/12/14 10:33am 3/12/14 10:33am

Very true . . .I'm not originally from California, so I wasn't comparing USC to UCLA, but USC gave me a half-tuition scholarship and a grant for the other half. I may have taken out the maximum in Stafford loans to cover room and board, but I would have done that at any school because my mom couldn't chip in at all. » 3/05/14 12:50pm 3/05/14 12:50pm